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The Resource Management Process

Why a resource management process

All business processes need capable resources and clearly the planning, acquisition, maintenance and disposal of these resources would not be part of demand creation or fulfilment as resources is not an output of these processes. There is therefore a need for a process that manages the organizationís resources and so we might as well call this the Resource management process. One might divide this into the three separate processes of Human Resource Management , Physical Resource Management and Financial Resource Management.


Specifies, acquires and maintains the resources required by the business to fulfil the mission and disposes of any resources that are no longer required

Process Inputs

  • Business plan (from Mission Management process)
  • Competent and capable resources (from key stage 2 of this process)
  • Demand for physical, human or financial resources (from other business  processes)

Process Key stages

Note: The process flow is kept simple  for illustrative purposes.The yellow boxes represent the key stages of the business process and the blue boxes represent the work processes

Process outputs

  • Capable physical resources (to all processes on demand)
  • Competent human resources (to all processes on demand)
  • Proceeds and receipts from asset disposal (to key stage 2 of this process)
  • Head count and Asset register (hyperlink in BMS on Intranet)
  • Site layout, plans, drawings etc (hyperlink in BMS on Intranet)
  • Records of personnel development, training and competence assessment etc (hyperlink in BMS on Intranet)
  • Records of maintenance, calibration and certification etc (hyperlink in BMS on Intranet)

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